Our full suite of venue management services is designed to make the fan experience exceptional from the moment they enter the parking lot and find their seats all the way until the last note is played, final act concludes or final snap is taken. The Argus team is able to manage every aspect of each event to ensure the best experience possible. Whether your venue needs a complete suite of services or simply requires a la carte assistance with security screening, registration, crowd management or parking and traffic management, our professionals stand ready to help. We also offer 24/7 security services to keep facilities around the community safe and protected. As your venue needs grow or change with seasonality, Argus can scale with you as necessary.

Pre-game rituals are not limited to those on the field. The professionally trained Argus team has our own set of pre-event warm-ups that ensure we facilitate an all-star experience throughout the day. When a team member puts on the Argus uniform, they embody the core values that have made our organization the premier event staffing company in the Denver and Atlanta communities and across the country. We approach all of our service offerings as a customer service organization first, providing the absolute best “first impression customer service” for you and your guests.

Our staffing services are a key component to creating fantastic event experiences that leave patrons and performers comfortable, safe and cheering for more.

Looking for additional information about our services for your venue or next event? Read more about our security screening, crowd management, parking and traffic control and box office services or simply contact us to learn more about our comprehensive event and venue staffing expertise.


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