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Mike Fruitman: #WeAreArgus

November 6, 2017

What makes our company special and so good at what we do is our people. This is as true today as it was when we first opened our doors in 2002. Over the years we have had so many great people work for our company. Sometimes there is someone so committed to their job they deserve extra attention. This is the case with one of our bright stars, Mr. Mike Fruitman. On Wednesday, November 1st, he was honored as part of the Denver Nuggets 50th Anniversary Honoree Program in recognition for his years of service. The Argus family could not be happier and prouder of him and wanted to share his 18-year journey and love for the work.

Mike has been a member of our team since 2002 working in both support and management roles at venues across Denver. He has had the opportunity to work at events with U.S. Presidents, Popes, Prince, The Boss, Madge, Mick, Elton, Billy, Garth, Petty, Bowie, Michael, Stevie, Santana, 50% of the Beatles, 75% of Led Zeppelin, Clapton, Floyd, Elvis (Costello), R.E.M., AC/DC, G&R, SRV, U2, Jane’s, Dylan, Ray, Dave Grohl in two different bands, Neil Young with several different groups.

He has also had many unique experiences in sporting venues as well. He was on the sideline when UNLV won the Final Four, supported the ladder so the coach of Baylor could cut down the hoop after their win, worked the Stanley Cup Finals, AFC Championships, NBA Conference Finals, numerous NCAA regionals as well as the Magic/Spurs finals, Avalanche, Broncos, CU football, DU hockey, Crush, Mammoth, world championship boxing matches and WWF/WWE.

While this alone is exciting for a sports fan, Mike has made so many close friends over his time with Argus. A former co-worker is the godfather to his son and his daughter has several close “aunts and uncles” from the Pepsi Center and other venues. The closeness of the team has been a highlight in his time with us.

“After all these years, I still have the same buzz going into each show no matter if it is Aerosmith for the 8th time, Cheap Trick (my personal favorite) for the 10th+ time, Def Leppard for probably the 15th or a performer that I have literally never heard of before and I’m sure that will never change.”

Your Argus family is proud of you and look forward to many more years working with you by our side.