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Fun + Fundraising – Thrive Church

October 17, 2017

Debbie Porter of Thrive Church was looking for innovative ways to help generate money for her church. Like most nonprofits, the more funding available the more they can create, innovate and sustain programs designed to serve their members, drive outreach and serve their community. She wanted to find a company that could offer something other than traditional fundraising programs most are familiar with. Her prime concern was finding a program that didn’t require upfront payments for a product to sell, but rather provide the opportunity to offer a service that would result in a return to the church. That’s where Argus stepped in.

The Argus group fundraising program provided Debbie and her team the opportunity to generate funding while working in unique event staffing roles. The orientation and training program was a breeze for Thrive because Argus conducted it on-site which meant that members could easily attend. Her initial team of 13, has grown to 15 and has worked at six events over a two-month period. Due to their love of football Thrive elected to work at Sports Authority Field for Denver Bronco games as well as Folsom Field for CU Buffs football games. Members of the team have worked in various roles including bag checks, wanding, elevator attending amongst other roles.

Not only is the opportunity different but Debbie has used it as part of a broader team building strategy which includes the team making a day of the event. They even go out to eat before or after their shift to share highlights from the day. Since they work together as a team in the same place they can be with one another throughout the day from check-in to check-out. Beyond this, each event has been different and has offered unique experiences that make engagement easy to the point of attracting more church members to the group.

After two months of working with Argus, Thrive has raised hundreds of dollars. In fact, they enjoy the experience so much they are scheduled to work at almost every Broncos home game throughout the 2017-2018 season. According to Debbie, her team loves Argus because it’s always a wonderful experience.

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