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Argus + Retirees = A Perfect Match

October 4, 2017

The thought of retirement is something that most Americans look forward to. Let’s face it – not having to do a 9-5 or other full-time work situation is an appealing concept that few can deny even if they love their work. The freedom to pursue other interests, develop a new schedule and transition to the next stage of life brings much excitement and anticipation. However, once retirement starts the urge to work often springs up to keep your life active, engaging and full of flavor. The key to maintaining work/life balance is flexibility. The good news for retirees is that Argus offers flexible work opportunities at venues across Denver and Atlanta metro areas. Below is a summary of the key benefits retirees’ experience when working for Argus.

Flexibility – Since Argus provides event staffing services to virtually every sporting venue in Denver as well as many concert venues, there is a high degree of flexibility in determining when and even where you want to work. Many of our retired employees like the fact they have the flexibility to change their schedule on a weekly basis. This ensure they are available for family events, travel plans, special interest events and other important things happening in their life. While many prefer to work on a part time basis, there is an opportunity to increase the number of hours worked per week as desired. The bottom line is our employees can work as much or as little as they desire creating an ideal retirement job.
Event Variety – Many retired employees appreciate the variety of events they can work based on preferences and timing. Argus provides services to Sports Authority Field, Pepsi Center, Coors Field, Red Rocks, Denver Performing Arts Center venues, Denver Coliseum, 1st Bank Center and many more. This allows employees to change their “office” view as frequently as they like. It also creates a level of variety not available in most other jobs. Working with a new team on a regular basis also creates the opportunity to interact with and meet new people, whether they are other team members or event patrons. When you work for Argus you get an incredible amount of work variety.
Year-Round Opportunities – Given our presence throughout Denver, there are opportunities for work year-round. In fact, you can visit our featured events calendar to see exactly what events are coming, which venue they are coming to, as well as the event time. The Argus calendar provides an idea of the sheer volume work opportunities available to our employees. Our retired employees find this very appealing because it means they don’t need to look for two or three part-time jobs to meet their needs. They can stay with us as their single employer and have access to work opportunities throughout the year.

Apply Today
A happy retirement for many means staying engaged and active while generating some additional income. Argus work opportunities allow retirees to stay active, engaged and involved to the extent their lifestyle and schedule permits. To learn more about our current openings or to apply today, visit our current employment page. We look forward to seeing you at an Argus event soon!